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Letterbox Roasters was started by Dave Copeland in 2015 after a career spanning 30 years in hospitality, mostly in cafes. After selling his most recent business, The Bank Cafe in Lismore, his wife was left both thrilled and wondering what to do with all his black t-shirts.

The big issue, however, was access to fresh, quality coffee beans.

 Drawing on contacts in the industry and 12 years experience roasting beans for his own cafes, Dave started roasting ethically sourced beans for himself. Upon sampling this coffee for themselves, friends and family demanded he start selling to them, which he promptly did. 

As coffee is such a perishable product, Letterbox Roasters provides you with the opportunity to enjoy coffee beans at home that are as fresh, or fresher, than those you sample at your favourite cafes.

Once coffee is roasted, the ideal consumption period is from 4 to 28 days after the roast date - coffee can be drunk immediately after roasting but it's best to let the coffee rest for a few days first.

All Letterbox Roasters coffee is roasted to order.

If you don't order it, we don't roast it.

All you have to do is order it a few days prior to needing it, to let the coffee mature first, and only order enough for about 3 or 4 weeks at a time - that way it won't get the chance to go stale.

We'll do the rest. Roast, pack and deliver, all the way to your front door!

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